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Does shaving make hair thicker ?

It's been said that shaving speeds up hair growth, making it darker, thicker. Is this fact, or fiction? Like many other things read online, you can probably find situations to support either case, depending on what you want to believe.

So, no. this old wives' tale is just that: While shaving can look thicker, the act of shaving does not increase the number and size of hair follicles in your skin. If the number and sizes of the follicles do not increase, you hair volume cannot increase. Instead, shaving cuts your hair back down right to the root. If you let it grow out again, it will be the same thickness as before.

It may feel like shaving makes your hair grow faster but, for instance, a mans hair growth will usually increase until the age of 25. After that, it levels off, although some changes can still happen.

None of that is dependent on the use of a razor. The idea that shaving makes your hair grow faster is a misconception,

While shaving does not increase hair growth, it's not always the best way to extend the period between necessary grooming sessions. If you want more time before you have to shave, the best alternative is Laser Hair Removal. The lasting period is up to 6 weeks without doing anything in between. Its cleaner, longer lasting and a no brainer :)

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