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Effects of Laser Hair Removal ?

Laser doesn't guarantee permanent hair removal, but it does give you a permanent hair reduction. Some hairs may not take to the laser hair removal treatments (Blonde, Red or Grey Hairs). Dark and thick hairs may not grow back after your treatments are completed and some hair may grow back finer and lighter, taking that little bit longer to reduce. The amount of treatments depends on how frequently you do treatments and also on the settings of the laser.

Possible laser hair removal side effects include: Mild swelling around the hair follicles, known as welts.

Pigment changes can occur, especially in those with darker skin, these changes can usually take a while to disappear but will not be permanent.

Slight redness of the skin can occur but keep it cool and out of the sun and it will go down. Anyone who has tanned skin or has used a spray tan should wait until the tan has faded completely as the pigment in the skin absorbs the laser light and reduces the effectiveness of the treatment and can result in temporary burns.

The long term affects are incredible and once treatments are finished, touch up sessions may be needed depending on the individual.

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