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Back to Back

Laser hair removal for men is a big relief having hairy shoulders, necks and backs. These areas when hairy are prone to irritations and pimples. These can be kept at bay with laser hair removal.

Back Hair Removal is a common request from men. Back hair tends to appear when men are in their 20’s to 40’s and may worsen over time. Hormones and genetics are the usual reason that men have hair on their backs and there is not a lot that can be done to prevent it, besides reducing it.

Common methods to remove back hair include waxing or shaving. Laser back hair removal is a better long term option and means no ingrown hairs, shaving rash or irritation which are common side effects of shaving or waxing since shaving everyday is unattainable.

Trimming the hair before the treatment is done to avoid burning of the existing hair and its less painful. One must Inform the therapist about regular medications taken, if any as many medications may interfere with the procedure.

Swelling, redness and some changes in skin color are commonly experienced immediately after the procedure which subsides gradually within a few hours.

An Ice pack can be applied to relieve these symptoms if needed.

Completely avoid sun for next few weeks and use a strong SPF after treatments.

A rough estimate of treatments is up to 20 depending on various reasons.

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