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Best not to do it yourself

There have been many adverts popping up on Social Media regarding home Laser Hair Removal Kits, don't believe everything you read, JUST SAYING :)

Most of them advertise that after 3 treatments you get up to a 90% hair reduction. I have been in the industry for over 15 years and have NEVER seen anyone finishing treatments after 3 sessions. Truth be told it takes up to 10 treatments or more depending on ones skin type, the setting used on the machine or the underlying issues one can have (ie: Hormonal related).

If you are looking for a cheaper way out and a quick fix, think again, as in the long run it will cost you more.

Look for reputable clinics with good machines to achieve the best results with Laser Hair Removal. At Bay Laser Clinic I operate with the Gentle Pro by Syneron Candela which offers the best results. Book now for a life changing experience.

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