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Covid Safe

As we enter an uncertain time in our lives, everyone is changing their daily lifestyle. Most are avoiding crowded areas, shopping centers and now restaurants. If a business is registered as

Covid safe, would that make a difference to ones thought process?

At Bay Laser Clinic, cleanliness was always a priority but even more so now. I personally wipe down the bed with Dettol and sanitize my equipment after every client. I wear a mask and sanitize my hands constantly.

Being a one woman show, my clinic allows not more than 3 people at a time and treatments are booked accordingly, avoiding any contact with others.

When entering my clinic, your temperature is taken, shoes removed and hand sanitizer is available in all rooms and if you would like a mask, there are plenty available.

Laser hair removal has no physical contact. Please feel free to contact me anytime to come and

enjoy a Covid Safe experience.

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