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Do's of Laser Hair Removal

Do keep your scheduled sessions.

Your hair grows in cycles and the laser can only effectively treat hairs in the growth cycles. You have many different cycles of hair that grow which is why effective laser hair removal takes numerous sessions. I like to schedule your treatment to optimally treat those hair cycles and not miss any of them. If you miss a treatment, you may miss a hair cycle causing the need for more treatments.

Do tell me about medical conditions.

No matter how irrelevant the condition may be, make sure to always disclose any medical conditions you may have. There might be a contraindication that would put you at risk when getting laser hair removal sessions done. Safety first!

Do tell me about any medication you are taking.

The medication you are taking may or may not have an impact on our ability to treat you and the effectiveness of laser hair removal. Medication that affects hormones can cause the need for more laser hair removal sessions since hair is affected by a change in hormone levels. Also, there are some dangerous medications that can leave your skin sensitive to the laser and cause burns. Always disclose all medications you are taking.

Do tell me about any changes in medication.

You’re going to come in for multiple treatments spaced out at least 4-6 weeks apart. If you have a change in medication or start taking a new medication make sure to let me know!

Do tell me if you think you may be pregnant.

Though there is no correlation between laser hair removal and complications while you are pregnant, I always want to know if you are. I also require that you have a conversation with your doctor about laser hair removal while pregnant and get a letter of clearance.

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