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Don't do this Don't do that

Don’t take certain antibiotics.

Certain Antibiotics make your skin photosensitive, with Accutane being the worst. Most antibiotics clear your system within 3-10 days. With Accutane it will be 6 months before you can safely have Laser Hair Removal sessions. Make sure to let me know if you are or have recently been on antibiotics!

Don’t take hot showers within a few hours after your treatment. This is something that is very obvious, but also commonly overlooked. The laser has just caused heat damage to your skin. Just as you wouldn’t go take a hot shower right after you get a burn, you should avoid hot showers after your laser hair removal session. Cold showers are completely ok!

Don’t work out day of. We are dealing with heat being transferred into your skin. You should avoid working out before your treatment and coming in hot and sweaty, it can lead to complications, and can be more painful. Also, you should avoid working out after your treatment the same day because it will raise the heat factor of the treated area.

Don’t wear tight clothing on treatment area. Tight clothing, especially spandex legging, trap heat and can cause complications. Wear loose cotton clothing for and after your treatment.

Don’t miss your appointments. As stated earlier, missing your appointments means the likelihood of missing a hair cycle, causing the need for more sessions and more money out of your pocket.

Don’t have any products on your skin. Make sure to avoid or remove any lotions, creams, and deodorants from the treatment area.

Don’t have an expectation of how many sessions you will actually need. The industry standard for effective laser hair removal is between 10-15 sessions. This is only an average, it doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed clearance after 10-15 sessions. Some people may need more sessions to get clearance. Remember, changes in medication that cause hormone imbalances, missed scheduled appointments, some medical conditions, and even pregnancy can cause new hair growth.

Don’t lie to your tech. On the contrary, I have your best interest in mind. Make sure to be honest with your tech so that no complications arise from your hair removal sessions.

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