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Freedom from sun-damaged skin

Pigmented Lesions are extremely common and most often caused by the sun. They include freckles, age spots and liver spots. They normally contain high concentrations of pigment. Hormonal factors, injury and ageing can also cause abnormal pigmented lesions.

While this condition is more stubborn than other common skin complaints, it is treatable.

Our bodies need sunlight, particularly vitamin D. BUT, the too much of this vitamin can also be an issue, as it plays an important part in producing melanin.

Let me explain what Melanin is: In simple terms, it’s a pigment produced by melanocytes that’s responsible for our skin tone. If there is damage or a unhealthy change to the melanocyte cells, melanin levels increase and cause dark patches.

As I have explained before, there are various reasons why someone might develop skin pigmentation. There are external and internal causes including hormonal changes, injury, allergies and stress. It could be genetic or situational. For example, pregnant woman or those coming off their birth control medication can have cases with skin pigmentation.

If you were thinking to exfoliate and the dark patches would go away with the dead skin removal, unfortunately it’s not correct. The constant scrubbing will lead to inflammation, making your situation worse.

If you got a little too sun happy and worked on your summer tan or have simply become aware of dark patches occurring on your skin, don’t worry, there is a treatment available. It’s the GentlePro. It's the next step in laser-based skin care and will help reduce pigmentation. The key to treating pigmentation is early intervention. Beautiful skin can be achieved.

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