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Home Hair Removal Solutions

Even being stuck at home, one still likes to feel smooth and clean. If your Laser Hair Removal Treatments have been put on hold, there are a few easy ways to remove your unwanted hair.

Depilatory Cream is quick, inexpensive and easy to use. If you have an allergic skin type or sensitive skin, it's best to do a test patch 24 hours before using the cream. Examine the area for any cuts, moles, scars, cold sores and sun burn. Apply a thick, even layer over the hair you want to remove. Leave the cream on for the given amount of time recommended. Remove the cream with a damp wash cloth. Observe any warnings in the directions given after application.

The other method would be shaving. Make sure you soak the area in warm water or with a warm towel, to soften the hair and then lather the area with soap or cream. Since cuts are more likely to occur, shaving must be done with more than one pass with the blade. The goal is to reduce the amount of hair with each pass, instead of trying to eliminate all of it in a single pass.

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