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laser in, waxing out

Laser Hair Removal has become very popular, with the drastic price drop and the treatments being so quick, why wouldn't you choose Laser Hair Removal before anything else?

The treatments are more effective, cleaner and I personally think less painful. The technology has improved tremendously, making the treatment more enjoyable. ( As enjoyable as it can be).

Laser Hair Removal Treatments should be done by someone with trained experience and should not be rushed with time, even with technology today as advanced as it is, the therapist should still be thorough and make sure each area is treated correctly and with care. There is nothing worse than going for a treatment and coming home to see patches that have been missed.

The treatments should be done every 5- 6 weeks, roughly 10 -15 times ,depending on the hair colour and skin type of the patient.

For further details please call 0416 461 012 or check out my website

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