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Laser = Investment

Is Laser Expensive?

Laser is no more expensive than waxing or depilitary creams, especially when you factor in the amount of treatments needed. With laser it can take over a year and a half to treat an area. Waxing/ Creams can take a numerous amount of years. The main factors that affect the cost are the size of the treatment areas. Smaller treatment areas such as face and underarms are associated with lower hair removal prices. Larger areas such as legs and back are a little extra in price but considering it will be more permanent than your usual wax or shave.

Whenever you approach a laser clinic, it would most likely benefit you to enquire about any offers that may be currently running. The technology has improved over the years, and the prices are falling down. Laser offers a long-term reduction. When you make a comparison between the money you have spent on laser hair removal as opposed to money put towards other hair removal methods, you are making a huge saving. This is still cheaper than the amount you would have invested in razors, trips to the salon for waxing and hair removal creams.

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