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Ageing changes in skin


Aging changes in your skin are a group of common conditions that materialize as people get older. It includes visible signs of wrinkles and sagging skin. Skin changes are related to environmental conditions, nutrition and other factors. The biggest single element is sun exposure.

Your Skin does many things:

It contains nerve receptors, allowing you to feel pain and pressure.

It helps control fluid.

It helps control your body temperature. As you age, you are at risk of injuring your skin.

Your skin is thinner, more fragile and you lose the protective fat layer.

Aging skin repairs itself more slowly than younger skin More than 90% of the older generation has some form of skin disorder. It protects you from the environment. Rejuvenation: is a treatment concentrated on the reversal of the aging process. It helps better wrinkles and facial contour. It gives the skin a smoother appearance. Based on safe and effective technology, a combination of energies can help stimulate new collagen growth.

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