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No need to shave

I was always too scared to wax when I was younger, as I would react with a skin rash and hated shaving, because I would land up with more nicks and bumps. Not a good look at all, UNTIL I was introduced to Laser Hair Removal. Not only has it changed my world, it has made my life easier.

Being an active person, the more appropriate appearance is to have smooth, hairless and silky skin. I started years ago and have been extremely happy. I don't think twice about adding it to my to do list.

When it's said you need 10-15 treatments, it may sound like a lifetime, but just think you would be waxing and shaving continuously for years, and why waste precious time where you can use it on something more enjoyable.

I have not had ingrown hairs since my treatments, I don't need to use a razor at all and I can go to the beach knowing I'm clean enough to put a swimsuit on.

New technology has made the pain more bearable, as a cooling system is attached to the laser hand piece. It is fast and effective and you can get a taste of the magic after just one session.

I HIGHLY recommend this treatment and I am positive you will be as happy as I am.

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