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Small vs Big

One small business advantage in the big vs small business battle is the quality of the treatment available at a small business. The quality is usually superior compared to that in the big corporations. We may be slightly higher in price, but the quality that we offer for this slightly higher price is certainly worth the money spent. The main reason for this better quality is the idea behind the services.

Small businesses need to get the word out. If they do this successfully, consumers will recognize this major benefit and not let big corporations drive smaller ones out of business.

The quality of service provided by small businesses is much better as compared to big corporations.

Small businesses go out of their way to help their customers. They can be contacted anytime during business hours and they are always there to help.

The time taken to attend to customer questions and special requests is much less. When comparing big vs small business the personalized services that customers get from small businesses are almost never available from big businesses.

Another small business advantage is our approach, we are warm and friendly towards our customers, and often know them by name. Customers are usually on personal terms with employees and the business’ owner.

More often than not, small businesses make their customers feel like valued friends. This personalized and friendly approach is what appeals to consumers and they keep coming back for more.

The bottom line in big vs small, I am a Small Business owner who offers Big corporation prices, as I would never want to lose a client over a few extra dollars, so please if you see a better price, I am ALWAYS happy to price match.

For further information please call 0416 461 012.

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