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Steps to make Laser Hair Removal more effective :

  1. Make sure you choose the correct machine and technology (It is important that you do your research when choosing to have Laser Hair Removal, as some machines are not as effective as others.)

  2. Don't miss sessions if possible, be consistent (If you keep missing treatments, it just means that you are back tracking and will need to have more treatments than expected.)

  3. Btw treatments do not pull hairs out from the follicle (When you remove the hair from the follicle, you will be starting the process from scratch, as a new hair then grows through.)

  4. Avoid the sun whilst having treatments ( It will prevent you from having Laser Hair Removal, as skin can burn, which will then prolong the treatments)

  5. Shave a day or two before your treatment.

  6. Several treatments are required (Remember this is a process and not magic :) but the end results are well worth it )

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