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take years off of you

Pigmentation of the skin can reveal ones true age, or even make you look that much older than what you really are. When the skin shows hyperpigmentation, the effect can be noticed more. Skin pigmentation can make one look older more than wrinkles would. At Bay Laser Clinic, it’s my focus to help you look your best. I offer laser pigmentation reduction in the heart of Sydney's Eastern Suburbs, Rose Bay, using the GENTLE PRO Laser Machine − one of the most advanced laser devices. I’ve seen many happy clients leave my clinic looking fresher and more vibrant than before their treatment.

Laser pigmentation reduction in Sydney is an effective option if you have sunspots or age marks on your skin. The removal uses the most advanced laser device, that’s very safe and accurate. The laser only comes into contact with the pigmented lesion sitting on the skin, which absorbs the light of the laser. It does not affect the surrounding skin. The light heats up the pigment in the lesion, drawing it to the surface of the skin. The end result of hyperpigmentation treatment is a more even skin texture and complexion.

Why Get Laser Pigmentation Reduction in general?

Forget about being self-conscious

Make yourself look younger and it's a safe procedure

Not much recovery time is needed

Performed by an accredited laser therapist

For more information

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