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What's your hair removal method?

People are constantly looking for hair removal methods with which to get rid of unwanted hair.

This isn’t about simply shaping your eyebrows or shaving your beard. The goal of novel methods is to make your hairy areas look like there was never any hair there, to begin with.

Various methods of hair removal are available, and some of them are quite aggressive. In all cases, the goal is to achieve smooth, hair-free skin.

Hot Wax is one of the most widely used hair-removal methods. You can do it at home following the appropriate procedures.The most important thing to keep in mind is you’ll apply hot wax to your skin. Its high temperature, added to the follicle pull, may irritate sensitive skin. This is the main reason why this method isn’t recommended for sensitive areas.

Bleaching Cream is a procedure that is commonly used in people who have sparse body hair.

Because you don’t have to remove a lot of hair, this is a method for hiding it without having to remove it.

Hair Removal Cream is the cheapest of all hair removal methods. It’s also practical and painless. It’s quite effective as an emergency option during the summer, however, it’s not a good permanent method. Its main disadvantage is that it does not remove the follicle, so it’s just like shaving. You’ll have to apply it often if you opt for it.

Razors are always a good hair removal method, especially after an unexpected invitation to the pool, but same as the hair removal cream it is not permanent and you are at risk of cutting yourself.

Threading is an ancient hair removal method that uses cotton or silk thread. It’s precise, though slightly aggressive.

It’s particularly recommended for shaping your ideal eyebrows and other parts of the face.

Laser Hair Removal is an intense beam of light energy, which at different wavelengths, safely removes unwanted hair. The laser is absorbed by the melanin (which gives our hair and skin its colour).

The laser energy is converted into heat, safely destroying the hair follicle and leaving the surrounding skin and delicate pores unaffected. The laser beam cannot penetrate past the dermis (second layer of skin).The Alexandrite hair removal laser beam, which is generated from our CANDELA GentleLASE machine, is unable to reach any internal organs and is therefore completely safe.

After each treatment, hair will grow back lighter and finer leaving the skin smooth and hair free for up to 6 weeks. You will get up to a 70%-90% reduction, which makes this the best method for longer lasting results.

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